With all of the other phase converters on the market, why should you buy Remco’s?


Our induction motor windings coupled with our maintenance-free, self-healing oil capacitors give you the best voltage regulation in the industry. Our voltage is as good as utility three phase!


It is imperative that the rotary and the panel be tested together before it comes to you. At Remco we bench test every unit for proper amperage and voltage before it leaves our plant and provide a test report assuring you of a quality working unit. Beware of companies who send the rotary from one location and the panel from another. This means the converter has not been tested. You should never be put in the position of having to test the converter yourself.


We have the know-how to size the correct converter for your application the first time. Phase converters are not ‘shopping cart’ items. They are engineered for specific usages. It is imperative to purchase the right converter to run your equipment properly.


Remco offers a soft start option that makes our converter electrically invisible to the utility grid and eliminates voltage flicker.


Our converters produce a true three phase sine wave and operate at 97% power factor with 95% efficiency at full load. Our specially designed power plant rotary will absorb voltage spikes, line transients and momentary power outages and, at the same time, protect your equipment. Because of this technology, our converters are utility friendly. Power companies are very sensitive about protecting their grid!


Remco converters precision engineering reduces electrical noise and line disturbance resulting in an ultra smooth and quiet running converter. This eliminates the need for mounting bushings that other converter suppliers require.


Electric motors have shafts but rotary converters do not. An exposed shaft is a physical hazard. Our rotaries have been properly designed to function as a phase converter and not a motor.


Our converters conform to Article 455 of the National Electrical Code ( NEC). In addition, Remco converters can be ordered with Underwriters Lab certification (UL) giving you valuable liability protection.


With over 35 years of system analyzing and in- the- field experience, Remco has the knowledge and desire to help you when you need it. While other ‘internet’ converter companies are not set up to assist you after the sale, Remco is available and committed to keep you running.