Three-phase converter units are designed to service a range of applications, like irrigation, woodworking, metalworking and grain drying —  to name a few. However, running applications on single-phase power can be costly and inefficient. By accommodating single-phase power to a three-phase rotary converter will enhance the power used in an application, maximizing performance.

Single to three phase converters are trending and commonly used devices for converting single-phase power to three-phase power. You can see single to three-phase converters being effectively used throughout the industrial and agricultural industries.Thanks to revolutionary technology, today’s phase converters are more cost-effective and reliable than ever before. Three-phase converters bring many benefits to industrial and agricultural applications. Let’s take a look at a couple (of many) benefits

Economical Solution

Some equipment and machines run on three-phase power. And, when the utility power is unavailable or too expensive, these converters are an economical solution. Instead of going through the costly hassle of having three-phase power installed, or rewiring or buying new equipment, you may find that it is much easier and more economical to buy a phase converter.

Reliable and Efficient

There have been multiple studies and field tests done that proved that machinery, equipment, and tools that run on three phase power have a longer lifespan and operate much more effectively than the equipment that operates on single phase power. In the end, this can help save customers and commercial business owners a lot of money due to the reduced maintenance required and the increased efficiency. In the long run, the money saved from not having to perform maintenance and replace machinery and equipment as often could be well worth the investment of purchasing a new phase converter.

Now that you know a couple benefits of three phase converters, it is good to have an understanding of the types of converters and their differences. When customers are looking to convert single-phase power to three-phase power, they usually have two options when it comes to converters. Let’s take a look at the two.

Choosing Three Phase Converters: Rotary or Digital

When it comes to single to three-phase power converters, there are two options: rotary and digital phase converters. Both converters are built similarly, however a rotary phase converter has an extra idler. This simple addition makes rotary phase converters efficient at generating three-phase power from single-phase power. Let’s take a more in-depth look at the two:

Rotary Phase Converter – a converter that helps in converting single phase power to three-phase power. Rotary converts are capable of operating large equipment and machinery, like a center pivot irrigation system, for an extended amount of time. These converters are very efficient in balancing voltage across all three legs of power and efficiently drive inductive and resistance devices.

Digital Phase Converter – a converter that helps machinery and equipment kick-start. Digital phase converters feature a capacitor starting circuit that forces the three-phase converter to start immediately. These start capacitors produce electricity across the across the three legs of power during the startup.  Unlike rotary converters, digital phase converters do not help equipment and machinery run for hours — instead, it is most effective as a startup device.

Due to varying electrical requirements for different types of equipment, you may want to contact a phase converter professional to find out which converter is right for your needs and applications, whether it’s for woodworking equipment or industrial machinery.

Installation of Three-Phase Power

For the best results, phase converters must be installed properly. Before installation, it is important to make sure the converter you purchased is compatible with the tools, equipment, and machinery you plan to operate with three-phase power. Doing so will reduce costly mishaps and delays.

Contact Remco For Your Three-Phase Power Needs

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