Rotary phase converters are most commonly purchased for commercial, industrial, home or hobby settings. These converters offer an alternative to powering three phase equipment when the utility power is unavailable or too expensive, by converting single-phase power into a voltage balanced three-phase power. As a leader in rotary phase converter manufacturing, Remco Electric understands three-phase electrical power and what is best for our customers’ needs. To help our customers, we created a brief beginner’s guide to rotary phase converters!

How Exactly Do Rotary Phase Converters Work?

As a rotary electric power generator, rotary phase converters convert a single-phase energy supply into three-phase power. Using a single-phase, two-line supply of power from the utility, the rotary phase converters create the third line of power. The three lines of power, known as phases, created by the converter are identical to utility three phase power. A properly sized rotary phase converter will produce accurate three-phase power with each of the three, and deliver well balanced, output voltages throughout all of the connected loads.

Rotary Phase Converter Benefits

There are plenty of benefits that come with the purchase of a Remco Manufacturing Rotary Phase Converter. These converters have a reputation of being dependable and long lasting. In fact, it seems that most equipment running on three phase power operates with more efficiency and can run longer. Rotary phase converters have an idler motor, which means the converter sits in an idle state and consumes the amount of electricity needed to operate; exact power intake is based on what the load consumes, which increases productivity by efficiently producing three phase power. Whether you’re using a rotary phase converter for an agricultural or industrial application, they allow for equipment to operate on three-phase power when only a single phase power source is available. Phase converters also save the time and expenses of rewiring a phase converter by themselves.

Types of Rotary Phase Converters

Remco Electrical Manufacturing offers two series of rotary phase converters, each offering distinct features.

  • HD-CP 3 Phase Converter Series – With our high output custom-designed rotary generator motor, this converter eliminates energy limitations on any 240-volt single phase service! This series is ideal for industrial operations in addition to being economical for small business owners to purchase. The converters require very little maintenance!
  • CNC-CP Rotary Phase Converter Series – For more sensitive loads like CNC, this converter has identical performance standards as our HD-CP series. The biggest difference is that the manufactured phase has Automatic Voltage Regulation Control (AVR). Our CNC grade rotary is ideal for any voltage sensitive loads, like CNC routers, mill, and lathes.

Since 2003, Remco Electrical Manufacturing has been offering the finest single phase to three phase converters on the market. Our rotary phase converters are ideal for agricultural and industrial settings.  Our induction motor windings coupled with our maintenance-free, self-healing, oil capacitors give you the best voltage regulation in the industry. To learn more about the advantages of Remco rotary phase converters, click here. For information on our phase converters and other products, contact us today.