Reasons not to buy a homemade phase converter or attempt to build one yourself

There are many videos today promoting building a phase converter as something that is simple to do. Here are sound reasons why you should not consider doing this.


Electricity is dangerous and a hazard to your well being. You can be electrocuted!


Homemade converters are not built to NEC or UL safety standards. This has the potential to be a fire hazard or personal liability issue.


It takes experience to properly size a converter for the many various loads and different equipment manufacturers. Just getting a converter to run does not mean you have power quality. Unless you balance the voltage across all three lines you will damage or shorten the life of your equipment.


If you experience a problem with either your converter or your secondary power your machinery will not run, or worse, could get damaged. Who will you call for support? You’re on your own to figure it out.


Buying a quality converter like Remco’s is a good investment. It will give you the assurance you need and the peace of knowing you are in good hands.